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mymobility technology

By Orthopaedics SA
mymobility - Digital Interactive Care Plan

mymobility is a digital interactive care plan designed in the form of a mobile application. The purpose of the app is to help you prepare for and recover from surgical procedures by giving you the ability to take an active role in your personal care and recovery process.  It allows you to connect with your surgeon and care team using your smart phone and Apple Watch® before and after surgery. The app prompts and encourages you to complete tasks assigned by your surgeon, as part of the surgeon’s care plan.

mymobility utilises a smart device to support your pre-operative education and preparation, and also post-operative exercise and education.  A range of data and performance measures will be sent directly to the surgeon.  Within the technology, there is functionality to measures steps and compare patient gait (manner of walking) pre and post-surgery.  Patients are also able to send encrypted videos and pictures to their surgeon, for remote monitoring.

The mymobility app allows your surgeon to review preoperative walking steps, climbing stairs, heart rate, and then post-operative assessment of the same data.  It also provides a communication channel with the surgeon and practice nurse.

An Apple Watch may be provided for those patients with an iPhone who would like to have a wearable reminder for their exercises and capacity to assess preoperative and postoperative steps, stair climbing and heart rate.

Your surgeons (Dr Meng Ling, Dr Peter Viiret, Dr Jason Ward and Dr Darren Waters) will determine if you are eligible for mymobility.

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