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Autologous Blood

In preparing for joint replacement surgery, your doctor may refer you to an Autologous Blood Transfusion Service. Autologous blood simply means collecting your own blood to give back to you as required, during your planned surgery.

Autologous blood is a safe and effective way of restoring blood loss, which may occur during any surgical procedure. Having your own blood transfused eliminates the risk of contracting any blood-related infection from donated blood. Testing all collected blood is legally required under the Blood Contaminants Act of 1985.

If your doctor considers autologous blood donation to be appropriate for your surgery, blood collection will be planned at least 4 weeks prior to hospitalisation. Collections are arranged weekly in the lead up to surgery. Blood is not collected in the final five days before surgery.

A short medical history will be taken on your first visit and your blood will be tested on each visit to ensure you are able to proceed with the planned collection.

On the day of collection make sure you have a healthy meal and some additional fluids. It might be advisable to have someone to drive you home on the day of collection.


Please ask our staff or your doctor if you have further questions regarding this service.

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