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About Us

The 25 specialists of Orthopaedics SA represent the largest private orthopaedic group in South Australia, providing expert medical care for patients of all ages.

We treat bone and joint problems relating to arthritis, degenerative conditions, sports injuries, trauma, fractures and genetics.

Should a patient require surgery, we tailor our evidence based approach to each individual. Our surgeons are leaders in joint replacement and arthritis surgery, as well as innovators in minimally-invasive and arthroscopic surgery.

All of Orthopaedics SA’s doctors participate in ongoing professional education, with several holding key academic, teaching and industry positions. Maintaining links with universities, researchers, professional bodies and teaching hospitals supports the continued delivery of best practice and enables us to guide and support South Australia’s future orthopaedic graduates.

Our Orthopaedic specialties include:

Orthopaedics SA Specialists

All specialists at Orthopaedics SA have completed 6 years of medical training. They have also undergone 8 years of further studies to qualify as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, or to obtain Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeon (Orthopaedic Surgery), among many other specialties.

Additionally, some of our doctors have chosen to specialise further, concentrating on a particular field such as Sports Medicine or Paediatrics, or on an area of the body such as the feet, hips, knees or shoulders.

In addition to private practise commitments, all Orthopaedics SA doctors participate in an on-going professional education to maintain their strong links with the Universities and to teach in Hospitals in South Australia. Many of our doctors hold key academic placements at these institutions, providing professional assistance and guidance to the State’s future orthopaedic graduates.

Several specialists hold notable roles within the Local, National and International Orthopaedic professional bodies.

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Orthopaedics SA Specialists

Administrative Staff

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff plays an important role in making sure your experience at Orthopaedics SA is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Each secretary/ personal assistant manages the practice of their doctor including all correspondences, appointments and consultations. This means better communication, rapport and understanding of each patient’s needs.

In addition, our secretarial staff provides invaluable support through a wide range of administrative services. Our staff will be happy to speak with you at any time regarding services, appointments and general enquiries.

Orthopaedic Liaison Nursing Staff

Orthopaedics SA is proud to have a specialist Orthopaedic Liaison Nursing Staff on-site, to provide comprehensive nursing care, patient education and pre-operative assessment services. Our staff will assist you with the following services:

The Orthopaedic Liaison Nursing team plays a pivotal role in addressing patients’ individual needs, before and after hospitalisation. Pre-admission clinics are scheduled prior to surgery to discuss the details of your hospital stay, the recovery process and to answer any questions you or your family may have. This can be done over the phone, if more convenient.

To streamline the admission process, a health assessment may also be carried out at this time. The aim of the visit or phone call is to provide information that will better prepare you for surgery and to discuss steps for your recovery. For ease of mind, respite care or accommodation for a partner or family member can also be organised prior to your surgery.

Our nursing staff will also manage your discharge from the hospital. Should you require rehabilitation, mobility or daily living assistance, these services will be arranged for you prior to your discharge date.

Wound care
The Orthopaedic Liaison Nurse will provide a wound care service for post-operative patients, including wound assessment, bandaging and dressing removal. Home care can be arranged should you require further or on-going treatment.

Fracture care
The nursing staff will provide plaster cast care and education for both adults and children. There are some important instructions to observe, particularly with children, once a cast is applied to a limb. Our staff will discuss the relevant care needed for your particular cast.

Telephone advisory service

Should you have any concerns or queries, you can contact our nursing staff Monday to Friday during office hours on (08) 8267 8213.

Orthopaedics SA Media Policy

Orthopaedics SA welcomes the opportunity to work with the media and aims to be responsive to their needs and provide quality assistance, timely communication and access to the most appropriate resources at all times. Our policy contains relevant contact details and guidelines to assist media groups with their requests.

For a copy of the policy, please contact our office at: (08) 8267 8220.