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Fracture Service

The Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service is a specialised alternative to a public fracture clinic. Our orthopaedic team treats and manage all fractures, musculoskeletal trauma, and serious limb injuries.

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Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service grants access to some of Adelaide’s leading orthopaedic surgeons. Our doctors work with private hospitals across South Australia to secure access to the best nursing support, medical equipment, and post-operative care.

As Adelaide’s largest group of Orthopaedic Surgeons, we strive to deliver the best outcome for our patients. We offer leading fracture management and surgical care when needed.

By seeing Orthopaedics SA, you gain access to the specialist of your choice, and you avoid waiting in a queue. You receive the care you deserve, when you need it most.


Our Services
The Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service is open to all ages. We treat anyone: from kids breaking an arm on the playground, sportsmen doing a shoulder on the sports field, workplace injuries, accident trauma, right through to our elderly having a fall at home.

Our services include:

·      Fracture assessment by an Orthopaedic Surgeon and team

·      Orthopaedic surgery when necessary

·      Referrals to physiotherapists and allied health workers

·      Casts and splints

·      Follow-up consultations


Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service

Fracture Clinic / Plaster Care - Orthopaedics SA


Access to Orthopaedics SA
You may request a referral to Orthopaedics SA from your GP or from the Emergency department. On arrival, you will need to provide information regarding any medical conditions you have, allergies, and current medications.

The doctor will assess your fracture and discuss the course of action, likely outcome, and recovery process. For most simple fractures, the team can fit a cast or splint at the appointment.

If surgery is required, the doctor will explain the procedure needed and the options available to you as the patient. If you do not have private health insurance, you may opt to be referred to the public hospital. The choice remains yours.


Contact Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service today
The Orthopaedics SA Fracture Service is open to patients with private health insurance, DVA, Workers Compensation, or can be self-funded. We operate Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm.

To contact Orthopaedics SA, please call (08) 8267 8267.

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