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Sports Injuries - Orthopaedics SA

Sports Injuries

Whether you are an elite or recreational athlete, sustaining an injury can severely limit or prevent your participation in sporting activities, causing a serious impact on your fitness/ training regime and lifestyle.

Orthopaedics SA provides the very best and most up to date assessment, treatment and management of acute and chronic injuries for sports participants of all ages.

Orthopaedics SA is proudly affiliated with Dr Andrew Potter, one of the State’s leading Sports Physicians.

Consulting at Ashford Specialist Centre, Dr Potter provides specialist medical services for all sports participants, from the novice to the professional athlete. With a wealth of experience in injury prevention, rehabilitation and care of acute and chronic injuries across a broad range of sports, Dr Potter has been a medical officer with the Adelaide Crows since 1997 and was appointed Senior Medical Officer with the club in 2007. He was also a member of the Sydney Olympic Team (medical) in 2000 and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.

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