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General Practitioner Education Evening

Dr Philip Brook - Orthopaedics SA
General Practitioner Evening - Orthopaedics SA

Last week, Orthopaedics SA welcomed more than thirty general practitioners to an OSA Education evening on ‘lower limb’ orthopaedics focussing on ‘joint replacements of the knee and hip’. The event was an opportunity to hear from our Orthopaedic surgeons, Dr Darren Waters, Dr Jonathan Cabot and Dr Mark Inglis, who shared their experiences over their long and vast career in Orthopaedics.

Dr Waters, a ‘founding father’ of Orthopaedics SA presented on his experiences with the diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedures relating to knee replacement. Particularly, the focus on ‘finding solutions to sagittal stability in the knee’. Dr Waters provided an insightful presentation on the clinical outcomes of the varying types of joint replacements based on his research and findings from the joint registry.

Dr Cabot and Dr Inglis provided a presentation on hip replacements focussed on the direct anterior approach. Together the two surgeons have completed over seventy-five direct anterior approach hip replacements in the last year.

According to Dr Inglis, one very important question you should be asking your surgeon regarding anterior hip replacement is ‘how many of these surgeries have you undertaken and what were the outcomes?’ OSA are now offering direct anterior hip replacements for private patients in South Australia. Dr Cabot has credited their ‘successful patient outcomes’ to the mentor program implemented along with the reverse visitations.

The event aimed to provide General Practitioners with key learning outcomes imperative to the success of joint replacements:
1. Identify when a patient may require a hip replacement.
2. Explain the differences between various surgical approaches in THR including benefits and limitations of each technique.
3. Describe patient dissatisfaction causes – post knee replacement.
4. Identify which patients will do best with surgery & when to refer them to a specialist.

A sincere thank you to Medacta for their support of this event. A particular thank you to Hither and Yon wines for supporting the evening.

If you would like to register for future General Practitioner events, please contact Sarah Davies, Marketing Manager, Orthopaedics SA on (08) 8267 8220 or email