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COVID-19 Update March 26

By Orthopaedics SA
Covid-19 - Orthopaedics SA

COVID-19 Update 

26 March 2020

It has been announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that all non-urgent elective surgeries will be suspended from April 1 to allow hospitals to prepare for a major outbreak of coronavirus. This impacts both public and private hospitals. Urgent surgeries (category 1) and some category 2 will proceed at this stage. If you have surgery scheduled you will receive a call from your surgeons PA as soon as possible to discuss how this will impact you.

Consultations with our surgeons are now being conducted via video or telephone, except in limited circumstances where you will be requested to attend our rooms for physical examination. Please do not attend our rooms unless requested and if you do have an appointment, please limit the number of visitors attending with you. We understand information is changing, so if you are not sure, please give us a call on 8267 8267.

The health of our patients, staff and the community continues to be our priority and we thank our patients for their patience and understanding.


For more information:
Coronavirus Health Information Line:1800 020 080



16 March 2020

Orthopaedics SA is committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff and the community. We have implemented procedures to delay the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring patient care is not compromised. Scheduled surgeries are not currently impacted and we continue to see new patients.

To assist in social distancing, patient consultations will be conducted using phone and video where possible. This will be considered on an individual basis and your surgeons PA will contact you to arrange this. If you are required to visit our consulting rooms, you will notice a few changes. We have distanced the chairs in our waiting areas to minimise contact with other patients. To assist with this, please don’t arrive early or late to your appointment and minimise the number of people attending with you. As usual, hand sanitiser will be available throughout our rooms.

If you are unwell or have travelled overseas do not attend our rooms, please call your surgeons PA.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us on 8267 8267.

For more information:
Coronavirus Health Information Line:1800 020 080