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Consulting from Calvary Central Districts Hospital commences

Dr Philip Brook - Orthopaedics SA
Consulting from Calvary Hospital - Orthopaedics SA

We are pleased to announce that Orthopaedics SA have commenced consulting and operating at Calvary Central Districts Hospital, complementing our locations to cover patients within central Adelaide and the surrounding metropolitan areas to the north, south, east and west.

Calvary Central Districts Hospital provides convenience for local patients, with ample parking from Jarvis Road, making appointment and hospital check in easier. The hospital location also facilitates access to orthopaedics services for defence patients, WorkCover patients and general adult orthopaedic patients from the region.

From October 2015, two doctors commenced regular consulting sessions, Dr Justin Webb and Dr James McLean. In 2016, additional doctors will be available from the hospital; Dr Aman Sood, Dr Meng Ling and, returning later in 2016, Dr Philip Brook. This will enable OSA to provide the region with both upper and lower limb orthopaedic care for adults and children.