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Orthopaedics SA and COVID 19

ORTHOPAEDICS SA is committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff and the community.
We have implemented procedures to help delay the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring patient care is not compromised. We continue to treat new and current patients and look forward to continuing to care for South Australians during this challenging time.


We continue to see new patients. Most consultations are now being held using phone or video calls – this service is referred to as telehealth. Telehealth consults are bulk billed. All appointments require a referral. To book an appointment call 8267 8267 or your chosen Surgeon. If you have been asked to
attend our rooms, please see the information below.

Our surgeons continue to see trauma patients and provide ongoing care.


Telehealth consultations are conducted via phone or video service. This allows our patients to speak with our doctors from the safety of their home. ALL Telehealth consults are bulk billed. If you have a telehealth consultation booked, our team will provide details at what time and how you will be

If you miss the call from your doctor, don’t worry; they will call again within an hour or during the scheduled window.


In a small number of cases, we will need to see you at our rooms. If you are required to visit our consulting rooms, you will notice a few changes. We have distanced the chairs in our waiting areas to minimise contact with other patients.

To assist, please don’t arrive early or late to your appointment and minimise the number of people attending with you.


Do not attend our rooms if:

  • If you are unwell
  • Have travelled overseas within 14 days
  • Have travelled interstate within 14 days

Please call your Surgeons PA at Orthopedics SA to discuss.


All non-urgent surgeries were suspended from April 1 to allow hospitals to prepare for a major outbreak of coronavirus and to conserve medical supplies. Urgent surgeries (category 1) and some urgent category 2 will proceed at this stage.

If you have surgery scheduled you will receive a call from your Surgeons PA, to discuss how this will impact you – they will explain your options. We understand many of our patients are in pain and a delay may seem unmanageable. Your surgeon will be happy to discuss pain management options with you – please call us and we will schedule you a time to speak to your Surgeon.

There are strict guidelines regarding the categorisation of surgeries. All surgeon’s, both public and private, follow the same rules. If you have had your surgery cancelled with another surgeon, we will still not be able to operate.

The question we are most asked is “when will surgery resume?”. Unfortunately we do not have an answer yet. Be assured our team is working to secure additional theatre time, so we can accommodate patients as soon as it is safe to lift the restrictions. We will be in touch as soon as we can confirm a new surgery date. Please keep an eye on our website and follow our Facebook page for updates.